Rare Book Week: Moveable and pop-up books

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Peeps into fairyland: a panorama picture book of fairy stories (detail), London, E. Nister; New York, Dutton, [1896], Rare Books Collection, State Library Victoria.
04 July 2018, 11:00am11:45am
04 July 2018, 6:00pm6:45pm

Library Expeditions 3

Pop-up books invite readers to participate in story, combining imaginative inspiration in pictures and text with moveable parts. This presentation explores developments in paper engineering from concertina books to complex pop-ups between the 19th - 21st centuries. Selections showcase the early works of Ernest Nister, Raphael Tuck and others from which contemporary paper engineers, including Robert Sabuda, David Carter, Sam Ita and David Pelham, further expand upon early techniques often in wonderfully humorous creations.

Juliet O’Conor PhD is the Children’s Research Librarian at State Library Victoria. She has specialised in narrative analysis and literary history in her publications, including Bottersnikes and other lost things (2009) and the forthcoming book of her thesis on Indigenous Australian children’s books.