Rare Book Week: The medieval art of dying

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A medieval burial, from a Book of Hours made in Besançon (detail), France, c. 1430–1440, Rare Books Collection, State Library Victoria.
03 July 2018, 11:00am11:45am
03 July 2018, 6:00pm6:45pm

Library Expeditions 2

Medieval Christians were acutely aware of death, and spent much of their lives preparing for it. Through illuminated manuscripts and early printed works from the SLV collection, Anna will explore the medieval ars moriendi (art of dying) and the iconographic theme of memento mori (‘remember that you have to die’), including the ever-popular ‘Dance of Death’.

Anna Welch PhD is a book historian at State Library Victoria. She is the author of Liturgy, Books and Franciscan Identity in Medieval Umbria (Brill, The Medieval Franciscans 12, 2015), and is co-curator of the World of the Book exhibition.