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The Policy Pitch


06 July 2020, 12:00pm

COVID-19 is the biggest social and economic shock since World War II. Within two months, policies and systems for welfare, employment, childcare, health, and education have been turned on their head after decades of (at most) incremental reform.

Recovering from such a shock is a big task that will stretch government resources. Other less urgent (but important) reforms will have to wait until there are time and resources to do them properly.

In this special Grattan Institute and State Library Victoria Webinar, a panel of policy experts from the Grattan Institute will discuss our latest publication, The Recovery Book, which identifies the extensive policy agenda Australia’s federal, state, and territory governments should deal with over the next six months. And we want to hear your questions about the transition to a ‘new normal’ – living with COVID-19 among us.

Panel members

  • Danielle Wood – CEO of the Grattan Institute
  • Stephen Duckett – Director of Grattan’s Health Program
  • Brendan Coates – Director of Grattan’s Household Finances Program
  • Marion Terrill – Director of Grattan’s Transport & Cities Program

In this engaging seminar series a panel of experts and thinkers tackle some of the most important problems facing Australia, from cultural hot-button topics to pressing social concerns. Join us for lively, intelligent and thoughtful debate on subjects that impact us all. The policy pitch is a joint initiative of State Library Victoria and the Grattan Institute, an independent think tank dedicated to developing high-quality public policy for Australia’s future.