Dome at dusk: Oliver Cromwell – from head of state to head on a spike

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Woodcut of Oliver Cromwell from Clement Walker’s Anarchia Anglicana… [London], 1649, John Emmerson Collection
07 December 2017, 6:00pm6:30pm
Location Meet in Swanston Street Foyer
Swanston Street Welcome Zone
Accessibility Has wheelchair access

Meet Oliver Cromwell – a champion of liberty to some and a genocidal dictator to others.

Cromwell secured the execution of King Charles I of England in 1649, soon assuming parliamentary power over England, Scotland and Ireland before dying peacefully. But once the Crown was restored in 1660, even in death Cromwell was not spared punishment: it was 300 years before his decapitated head was finally laid to rest.

Explore attitudes to Cromwell during his life and after his death, in this World of the book exhibition talk featuring works from the John Emmerson Collection.

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