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Deceptology: The Science of Magic


14 August 202004 October 2020

Join magician extraordinaire and author of children's book Tricky Nick, Nicholas J Johnson in this special four part video series, just in time for National Science Week.

In these fun, educational videos, learn about the science behind the mysteries of magic like why our brains allow us to form patterns and how deceptology illusions work.

Using rope folding, disc illusion, card tricks and spatial awareness, magician Nicholas J Johnson reveals how cross-modal perception principles and Gestalt psychology methods can be applied to simple and fun activities in the classroom.

Each video is perfect for the classroom or remote learning from home, and comes with activity worksheets to facilitate participation.

Add some magic to your science lessons! All four videos and downloadable activity worksheets are available here.

This program was made possible with the support of the Lewin Family Fund.