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Nicholaus Copernicus, De revolutionibus orbium coelestium [On the revolutions of celestial spheres], Basil, Ex officina Henricpetrina, 1566
23 April 2018, 11:30am12:00pm
Location Dome Galleries, Level 4
The Dome
Accessibility Has wheelchair access

Explore the stories of key scientific works by Euclid, Nicolaus Copernicus, Leonardo da Vinci and René Descartes, which altered the course of history and profoundly influenced the way we see ourselves.

Books enable new ideas to reach broad audiences across the globe, whether philosophical, religious, artistic, scientific or political. They are so powerful that throughout history books have regularly been censored, banned and burned.

About the presenter

Anna Welch is an historian specialising in the study of medieval manuscripts. She works in the History of the Book team at State Library Victoria.

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