The book in history – from the codex to contemporary art

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Dorothy Herel, Text vest – Jabberwocky, linen fibre paper, silk and letterpress (Losne, France, printed by Thierry Bouchard, 1991; stitched by Dorothy and Petr Herel, No. 15/20), Rare Books Collection, Gift of Petr Herel; reproduced by kind permission of Petr Herel
23 April 2018, 10:30am11:00am
Location Dome Galleries, Level 4
The Dome
Accessibility Has wheelchair access

Celebrate humankind’s ongoing love affair with the book, which began with the clay tablet and papyrus scroll, and was revolutionised with the invention of the codex by the Romans in the 1st century CE.

The codex, which consisted of folded sheets sewn together and bound between boards, gave humans unprecedented power to record and access information, ideas and stories.

About the presenter

Anna Welch is an historian specialising in the study of medieval manuscripts. She works in the History of the Book team at State Library Victoria.

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