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Behind the scenes Library tours

Members only

03 August 202126 August 2021
Location Meet next to Readings Bookshop
Russell Street Welcome Zone
Accessibility Has wheelchair access

Ever wondered what goes on in the hidden spaces of the Library?

We’re offering Library Cultural members exclusive, VIP tours behind the scenes of the Library’s Collection Care program which enables the long term preservation of and access to our vast collections for current and future Victorians.

Choose from three tours introducing you to some of the Collection and Preservation practices you might not know about. Discover some of the current collections being worked on by our team of experts.

Each tour lasts approximately 40–45 minutes and is not suitable for children under 12.

Preservation tour

Let specialist staff walk you through the Library’s Preservation Studio and share how the Library’s collection is cared for.

You’ll be introduced to preventive conservation, archival storage, extraordinary custom housing, and find out how some of the more unique and surprising Library collections are managed and preserved.

  • Tues 3 & 17 August (11am & 12pm)
  • Thurs 12 & 26 August (2pm & 3pm)

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Conservation tour

Tour the Conservation Lab and learn from expert conservators about the colourful history of the State Library building and the work they undertake in the lab.

You will be introduced to a range of conservation treatments, from the everyday tasks through to major projects.

  • Thurs 5 & 19 August (2pm & 3pm)
  • Tues 10 & 24 August (11am & 12pm)

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Collection Care tour

In Collection Care, specialist preservation and conservation staff manage and treat a surprising range of items from the Library’s collection; from the tiny to the large, from the everyday to the extraordinary.

On this special tour guided by a Collection Care expert, see how the collection is preserved and treated, and discover the current collections being worked on.

  • Sat 14 August (11am, 12pm, 2pm & 3pm)

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