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Victorian Women's Suffrage Society

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About the Victorian Women's Suffrage Society

In 1908, Victoria was the only state in Australia to limit the franchise to men. Victorian women could vote for Commonwealth candidates, but not in state elections. The Victorian bill was finally passed in November 1908, thanks to the work of key figures Annie Lowe and Vida Goldstein, who co-founded the Victorian Women's Suffrage Society in 1884. The society's efforts included 19 private members' bills and the collection of 33,000 signatures for the women's suffrage 'monster petition' of 1891.

Newspaper reports from 1908 trace the events that led to the eventual passing of the Adult Suffrage Act. They also reflect the varying opinions and responses not only of the public but also of the man who eventually tabled the bill, Premier Thomas Bent.

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Vida Goldstein selling 'Votes for Women' newspaper, T Humphrey & Co photographer, 1912

Victorian Women's Suffrage Society

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