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Davina Bell & Allison Colpoys Story Talks

Davina and Alison Story talks
16 June 2020

Davina Bell and Allison Colpoys, the award-winning author-illustrator duo behind All the ways to be smart, Under the love umbrella and The underwater fancy-dress parade, join the Library for Story Talks!

In these short videos, perfect for classrooms, Davina and Allison talk about how they work as a team, where they get their ideas from and how they turn these ideas into beautiful books.

Each video concludes with an activity to nurture literacy and imagination in young people.

Suitable for children aged six to ten.

Thanks to Davina and Allison, this content is available until all Victorian children return to school in 2020.

The Story Talks series is supported by Gandel Philanthropy.

Pauline Gandel Children’s Quarter, also supported by Gandel Philanthropy, is a purpose-built space for children and families to read, learn and play, with an associated program of activities.

Watch Story Talks with Davina & Allison

Part 1: Davina and Allison discuss the inspiration for their book 'All the ways to be smart'.

Part 2: Allison shows us how to draw characters with feeling.

Part 3: Allison and Davina discuss the ideas that led to their book 'Under the love umbrella'.

Part 4: Davina and Allison talk about how they work as a team.

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