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Spark reading list: adaptation

28 February 2022

Expand your knowledge on the topic of adaptation with these free online resources, curated by our expert librarians in advance of the Spark: adaptation lecture.

Adaptation can mean any number of things. The upcoming 'Spark: adaptation' lecture hones in on the question of 'what’s the key to thriving in this constantly changing world?' With this in mind, the below resources focus on the individual experience and behavioural, educational and organisational psychology, as well as texts exploring human history.

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Reading list

For an overview

  • Dorsey, D. W. (2017). Trainability and adaptability. In S. G. Rogelberg (Ed.), The SAGE Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (2nd ed., vol. 4) (pp. 1635-1637). Gale eBooks. 

This entry is pertinent as an introduction to popular ideas concerning adaptability in an organisational context, but also for the historical context it offers to the Spark discussion. We hope that this resource illustrates that some experiences are perennial, also hope that it prompts readers to reflect critically on this topic; what else might 'adaptation' mean? What does success look like for you in this day and age?

This article is written with an educational psychology lens and focuses particularly on adaptability in children. It was chosen for this reading list because, despite its particular focus, it offers a broad overview of key terms, summarises some of the research conducted to date, and includes suggestions on how to improve adaptability. It’s written for a non-expert audience making it a great starter for anyone interested in getting some background to what might be discussed at the talk.

For a deeper dive

About Spark

We’ve partnered with science and technology storytellers Future Crunch on our new interactive lecture series designed to spark conversation. 

Future events explore the topics adaptation, biotechnology and decarbonisation.