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Night Fall in the Ti-tree online jigsaw puzzle

Five rabbits
19 September 2020

We've turned five of our favourite State Library Victoria images into online, customisable puzzles - just in time for school holidays!

Choose your desired level of difficulty for this puzzle by changing the number of pieces.

Night Fall in the Ti-tree

Violet Teague (1872-1951) and Geraldine Rede (1874-1943) were two Melbourne artists. Their collaborative book Night Fall in the Ti-tree was printed in 1905 in Melbourne and is the earliest example of colour relief printing in Australia.

It was produced at Teague’s studio in Collins Street, entirely from woodblocks and letterpress, and is arguably the first handmade artist book produced in this country. Each of the images in the book is hand-signed by Teague or Rede.

In particular, the book is notable for its strong Japanese influence. The page layouts feature traditional Japanese design elements, and the binding is Japanese style, with the pages folded at the fore-edge, and stab-sewn through the spine.

While the original 1905 publication is today considered a very rare book, you can view it in full in our catalogue here.

Target audience: five to eight years old.


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