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The sentimental bloke on screen

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About 'The sentimental bloke' on screen

CJ Dennis' classic poem was brought to the silver screen in October 1919, when its premiere at the Melbourne Town Hall broke all box office records. The feel-good tale of a larrikin made good thanks to the love of a good woman (his ideal tart, Doreen), and avoidance of bad influences (his mate, Ginger Mick), had been a bestseller since its release in 1915.

Newspaper articles from 1919 gave the movie rave reviews before its departure for cinemas in London, where it too was a hit, and New York, where audiences failed to respond to the Aussie dialect. 'A picture without the slightest taint of vulgarity or suggestiveness', that 'will make you smile through your tears', Raymond Longford's production of The sentimental bloke is now regarded as Australia's greatest silent movie.

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The sentimental bloke on screen

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