Finding your way & things to know

Credit: James Braund © 2014

Changes to Cowen Gallery and Rotundas

As part of our Vision 2020 redevelopment project, artworks in Cowen Gallery and the Blue Rotunda have been removed and the Red Rotunda has temporarily closed. Cowen Gallery and the Blue Rotunda will remain open as thoroughfares.

Refreshed collections will be installed in Cowen Gallery in spring 2018. Further information about the reopening of the Red Rotunda will be announced at a later date.

Changes to Information Centre services

As part of our Vision 2020 redevelopment work, all public internet PCs have been moved from the Information Centre to the Redmond Barry Reading Room. The change machine, card dispenser/reload station and colour photocopier have also been relocated to the Redmond Barry Reading Room. See Wifi, internet & printing for more information.

Finding your way around the Library

The Library takes up a full city block, with our galleries, reading rooms and display spaces located across a number of buildings. To help you get the most out of your visit, we've created a printable Library map (pdf, 140 KB). It provides an easy-to-use floor plan of the main public spaces and facilities that makes it easy to find your way around when you arrive.

When you arrive at the Library you can also ask for directions, become a Library member and make any general inquiries at the Customer Service Point, near the foyer entrance.

If you can't make it here in person, explore the Library online now with our 360° interactive virtual tour.

Vision 2020 redevelopment

We're currently transforming your Library's spaces and services through our Vision 2020 redevelopment project. The Library will remain open throughout the project, but there will be changes to some spaces as work proceeds. Areas that are temporarily closed are marked on the map. To find out what's happening, visit Vision 2020.

Eating and drinking in the Library

To protect our collection, food isn't allowed inside the Library. Bottled water is generally allowed in the main public areas, but not in the specialist/rare book areas or exhibition galleries.

Bringing bags into the Library

It can get quite busy in our public areas, so to protect our collection and make everyone's visit as comfortable as possible, we ask that large or cumbersome items – such as backpacks, suitcases, large handbags and instrument cases – are not brought into the Library. Prams, strollers and bags with items for babies or young children can be brought in.


The Library has three sets of public and disabled toilets, all on Level 2 (ground floor):

  • Keith Murdoch Gallery – at the end of the main gallery
  • Palmer Hall – just near the entrance to Mr Tulk
  • Information Centre – either side of the lifts at the far (east) end of the ground floor.

Baby change room

You'll find our baby change room just past the lifts near the women's toilets in the Information Centre.


While we work hard to keep the Library a safe and secure space, we recommend that you don't leave personal items unattended at any time. Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, textbooks, handbags and wallets are especially vulnerable to theft.

To discourage theft (of your property as well as ours), security guards may ask to inspect your bag as you leave – this applies in particular to photography equipment bags.

Child safety

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Please stay with your child at all times.

State Library Victoria is a Child Safe Organisation.

Please speak to staff if you have any questions or concerns about child safety.