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Picnic Point

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About Picnic Point

Melbourne's famously sprawling suburbia took off in the heady days of the 1880s land boom, fuelled by speculators, auctioneers and builders. Southwards expansion soon trickled along the coast to Brighton and beyond, with new homeowners attracted by the promise of transport connections and fresh sea air. Prices soared, until the 1890s depression took hold and the bubble well and truly burst.

Contemporary reports note the machinations behind the new railway that reached Picnic Point (aka Sandringham) in 1887, along with advertisements for the estate's land sales and seaside homes. New residents were attracted by the promise 'that a residence by the seaside, with its ever changing panorama, is specially conducive to health, to contentment, and to family happiness. No children are more robust or better developed or more secure in their passage through the perilous years of infancy than those reared within range of the music of the bright blue waves.'

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Troedel & Co, The Sandringham Estate, Picnic Point, Brighton

Picnic Point

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