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La Trobe Reading Room and Dome Galleries temporary closures

Due to elevated construction noise, from Wednesday 17 October until mid-December the La Trobe Reading Room and Dome Galleries will be closed every day except Sundays, public holidays and builders' rostered days off.

Check the attached calendar of dates to see when you can visit these spaces. (Dates are subject to change.)

During this period you can use our temporary seating area in the new Victoria Gallery, accessible from the Redmond Barry Reading Room. This room will have access to free wi-fi and our chess sets.

You can also find a designated quiet space in the Arts Reading Room.

On days when the La Trobe Reading Room is open, you can browse and access the collection onsite as usual.

On days when it’s closed, you can order collection items through the online catalogue and then pick them up at the collection point in Redmond Barry Reading Room when they’re ready (it usually takes around 20 minutes). 

We apologise for any inconvenience.

For more information, please visit