Service changes: more information

Changes to Information Centre services

As part of the Library's Vision 2020 redevelopment work, the following services were moved from the Information Centre to the Redmond Barry Reading Room on Tuesday 17 July 2018.

Collection pick-up

The collection pick-up shelves, including self-service shelves and trolleys, can now be found just inside the entrance to the Redmond Barry Reading Room. The new collection point is not staffed; assistance is provided by roving staff.

Public PCs

All public internet PCs are now located in the Redmond Barry Reading Room, including:

  • eight sit-down catalogue and database PCs (near Cowen)
  • four stand-up catalogue and database PCs (two near Cowen, two on the mezzanine level).

The reservation point for booking PCs has also moved to the Redmond Barry Reading Room.

Five catalogue and database PCs remain in the central area of the Information Centre.

Printers & copiers

The following printing and copying services have been moved to the Redmond Barry Reading Room:

  • change machine
  • card dispenser/reload station
  • one colour printer/copier
  • one black and white printer/copier.

One black and white printer/copier has been moved to the La Trobe Reading Room foyer, near the Dromkeen statue.

Other services remaining in the Information Centre

  • Ask a Librarian service point
  • Registration point
  • Assistive Technology equipment/room
  • Current seating
  • New book display
  • Two black and white printer/copiers in the copy room

For further information, see Wifi, internet & printing.