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Monbulk Jam

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About Monbulk Jam

In the 1890s, fruit-growers headed for the fertile volcanic soils of the Dandenong Ranges when the foothills were subdivided into farming allotments. One of the most successful growers was Daniel Camm, whose jauntily labelled tins of Monbulk Jam were a fixture on kitchen tables around the country from 1913 to the early 1990s.

Newspaper reports tell the story of Monbulk Jam's success, from Camm's co-founding of the Monbulk Co-operative Fruitgrowers' Association in 1897 to the development of his pulping technique, the establishment of factories and machinery, exports and branches. The company was sold in 1989, and the old Monbulk factory closed in 1991.

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Monbulk Jam

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