Research skills workshop

120 minutes
Year level
Year: 7–9
$170 per group (up to 25 students)
Terms 1 & 2: 50 students

Program changes in 2018

Due to our exciting Vision 2020 redevelopment project, this workshop will run in terms 1 and 2 only.

Encourage your students to become critical, creative and independent researchers with this hands-on workshop.

Students will be introduced to the Library's onsite and online resources through a guided tour of our unique spaces and a session in our computer lab, where they will gain essential research skills.

Students will focus on a compelling story from the Library's collection, generating research questions and exploring a variety of reliable online sources.

Student experience

Students will:

  • take part in a facilitated hands-on workshop in our computer lab, generating powerful questions for research and exploring online resources
  • be introduced to essential research skills applicable to any subject area
  • explore the Library's unique heritage spaces, including the iconic La Trobe Reading Room, on a guided tour
  • become familiar with the Library's spaces, services and resources through exploring the information centre, newspaper reading room and Redmond Barry Reading Room.

Skills development

This program links to the Victorian Curriculum and assists students to:

  • acquire data from a range of sources and evaluate their authenticity, accuracy and timeliness (VCDTDI037)
  • analyse and corroborate sources and evaluate their usefulness and reliability (VCHHC099/122)
  • examine a range of learning strategies and identify how to select strategies that best meet the requirements of a task (VCCCTM041)
  • consider how problems can be segmented into discrete stages, new knowledge synthesised during problem-solving, and criteria used to assess emerging ideas and proposals (VCCCTM042).

Embark on a journey of discovery at the State Library

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