Great journeys of exploration workshop

Theatrum orbis terrarum, Antuerpiae Antwerp: Apud Ant. Coppenium Diesth, 1574
90 minutes
Year level
Year: 3–4
$150 per group (up to 25 students)
Terms 1 & 2: 100 students; Terms 3 & 4: 50 students

Take your students on a journey into the past with this interactive mapping workshop that uncovers how explorers imagined the mysterious Great Southern Land and why adventurers journeyed here.

In this hands-on program, students will be introduced to some of the important early maps of Australia held in our collection, and have the chance to practise their cartography skills by creating and decorating their own maps. Students will also visit the iconic La Trobe Reading room on a tour of the Library.

Student experience

Students will:

  • examine and identify different features in maps from the Library's collection
  • learn how Indigenous Australians and Europeans recorded information about the landscapes around them
  • take a guided tour of the Library's unique heritage spaces, including the iconic La Trobe Reading Room and World of the book exhibition
  • activate their imaginations and create their own maps.

Skills development

This program links to the Victorian Curriculum and assists students to:

  • identify and explain the causes and effects of European settlement and exploration (VCHHC070)
  • interpret maps and other geographical data and information to develop identifications, descriptions, explanations and conclusions using geographical terminology (VCGGC076)
  • consider concrete and pictorial models to facilitate thinking, including a range of visualisation strategies (VCCCTM018).

Embark on a journey of discovery at the State Library

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