First contacts and the colonial experience tour

William Buckley (ca. 1890–1910), attrib Ludwig Becker
60 minutes
Year level
Year: 3–6
$130 per group (up to 25 students)
50 students. Note: programs do not run on Mondays.

On a tour through the Library's unique heritage spaces, students take an in-depth look at our collection to develop an understanding of how European settlement impacted the Aboriginal people of Victoria and their land. Students will also examine the lives of colonial Victorians, discovering the role of significant individuals who shaped the colony, and those who fought to protect Aboriginal rights and freedoms.

Students will use a range of primary sources (artworks, explorer books and John Batman's infamous treaty), visual thinking skills and their own viewpoints to present a range of questions about the past.

Student experience

Students will:

  • learn about important historical figures from Victoria's past, including William Barak, John Batman and William Buckley
  • view artefacts, documents and other historical materials up close in The changing face of Victoria exhibition
  • use visual thinking skills and their own viewpoints to pose analytical questions about the past
  • explore the Library's unique heritage spaces, including the iconic La Trobe Reading Room, on a guided tour.

Skills development

This program links to the Victorian Curriculum and assists students to:

  • identify and explain the causes and effects of European settlement and exploration (VCHHC070)
  • identify the origin, content features and purpose of historical sources, and describe the context of these sources when explaining daily life in colonial Victoria (VCHHC082)
  • understand the nature of contact between Indigenous communities in Victoria and European settlers, and the effects of these interactions (VCHHK081)
  • explore reactions to a given situation or problem and consider the effect of pre-established preferences (VCCCTQ011).

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