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VCE Top Talks

Event session: 
Friday, 24 February 2023 - 10:30am12:00pm
1.5 hours
Year level
Free (bookings essential)

Book your spot at Top Talks 2023, where you’ll hear firsthand from last year’s top-performing Extended Investigation students.

Top Talks will showcase 2022’s outstanding Extended Investigation presentations, providing students with valuable subject insights to boost their confidence about what they can achieve in the year ahead. ​

After the presentations, audience members are invited to participate in a Q&A​ panel session to learn more about the presenters’ research topics, methods and experiences. ​ ​ 

VCE Top Talks will be followed by a VCE Research Skills webinar for Top Talks attendees facilitated by State​ Library Victoria at 1pm. Book a livestream ticket to the 2023 VCE Research Skills webinar.

Please note: bookings for whole classes are welcome as well as bookings for individual teachers, students, and families of the speakers.

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