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Knitting for the troops

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About knitting for the troops

One of the ways that Victorian women supported Australian soldiers was to knit them socks. From Sale to South Yarra, supported by local branches of the Red Cross, women who 'the other day / Thought of nothing but their frocks, Of their jewels, or their locks / Women who have lived for pleasure, Who have known no work but leisure / Now are knitting, knitting, knitting, For the soldiers over there'. 

Historic newspapers from 1915 to 1919 reported on provincial competitions that offered inducements to hand-knit socks for soldiers; published a popular poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox on the phenomenon of ladies-who-lunch turned ladies-who-dutifully-knit; and lauded the efforts of ordinary Victorian women who worked with local charities to keep the young men at the Front warm and well-heeled.

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Socks? No, scarves maybe, The Argus, Melbourne, c 1940
Credit: Gift of The Age (Melbourne), 1976

Knitting for the troops

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