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Margery C Ramsay Scholarship

Help support your professional development with a Margery C Ramsay Scholarship valued at up to $20,000. The Library Board of Victoria awards it to a person employed within a Victorian public library. Applications are welcome from managers and staff at all band levels and do not require you to be a qualified librarian or library technician.

Applications can be jointly made by more than one applicant, and employees can submit combined applications at the same or different library services.    

Victorian public library staff are invited to submit a proposal that supports: 

  • their leadership development; or
  • innovation in the sector

The scholarship can be used for professional development in many ways: 

  • research projects in Australia and overseas 
  • conference attendance 
  • investigating issues in library services 
  • further education in librarianship or management. 

About Margery C Ramsay

Margery C Ramsay was the first qualified librarian appointed to a public library service in country Victoria. She was appointed to the Ballarat library in 1946, and in 1950, under her guidance, the library became part of the Central Highlands Regional Library Service. This was one of the first regional library services in Victoria. 

Margery moved to Tasmania in 1954, later working as the librarian in charge of municipal library services. In 1968 she returned to Victoria as principal of the Library Training School. She was the State Library's deputy-principal librarian in 1969 and principal librarian from 1974 to 1981. 

Margery died in 1998.