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Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick on men’s role in creating gender equality

Credit: James Braund © 2014

Media release

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Thursday 06 November 2014

Elizabeth Broderick, Australia’s Sex Discrimination Commissioner, will explore the role men must play to create true gender equality in Australia when she delivers the next Big Ideas under the dome lecture at the State Library of Victoria.

Ms Broderick believes that gender inequality remains a pervasive and systemic issue in Australia, and that equality cannot be achieved without commitment from men. But how to move men from interest to action? In her talk, Elizabeth will examine strategies for achieving this in two very different contexts – in the military and in the corporate world.

Elizabeth Broderick has acted as Sex Discrimination Commissioner since 2007, and was also the Commissioner responsible for Age Discrimination from 2007 to 2011. She has been a key advocate for Australia's national paid parental leave scheme and domestic violence reform, and is Global Co-Chair of the Women’s Empowerment Principles Leadership Group, a joint initiative of the UN Global Compact and UN Women. She was the over-all winner of the 2014 The Australian Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence Awards.

Big Ideas under the dome is a thought-provoking lecture series that brings to Melbourne great minds in the arts, culture, social justice, science and leadership to discuss, debate and reflect on the big ideas and issues of our time. The series was established to celebrate the centenary of the Library’s domed reading room that has been a symbol of inspiration, creativity and ideas since 1913.

Following the lecture Walkley Award winning journalist, Jill Singer will lead a Q & A session with Ms Broderick to further explore the themes of her lecture.

Limited media passes available.

Big Ideas under the dome

Elizabeth Broderick

Tuesday 18 November 2014, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

State Library of Victoria