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New partnership brings public policies to the forefront

Sue Roberts, State Library Victoria CEO, 2012–15
Credit: Andrew Lloyd

Media release

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Friday 06 December 2013

The State Library of Victoria last night announced a new collaboration with the Grattan Institute to create The Policy Pitch, a series of free public seminars that examine key policy issues facing Australia today.

The Policy Pitch series begins in February next year with the inaugural session Shock to the system: why power use is falling but bills keep going up that will highlight some of the most pressing problems facing the Australian electricity sector.

The speakers are:

Tony Wood, Energy Program Director, Grattan Institute

Lucy Carter, Energy Fellow, Grattan Institute

Sue Roberts, CEO and State Librarian, and John Daley, CEO Grattan Insitute, welcomed the collaboration saying it provides an excellent opportunity for Victorian’s to gain insight into significant public policy issues.

‘The library has always been a place of ideas and debate. This collaboration adds to our robust program of public events that challenge thinking on big issues. The Grattan Institute is one of Australia’s most respected public policy think tanks. Together in this series we hope to provide a platform to broaden public engagement and generate conversation and ideas about Australia’s public policy landscape.’