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Maxine McKew puts Australian education under the microscope

Media release

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Thursday 04 September 2014

Journalist, author and former federal member for Bennelong, Maxine McKew will examine the state of Australian education when she delivers the 2014 Stephen Murray-Smith Memorial Lecture at the State Library of Victoria.

McKew’s lecture will explore what she discovered while writing her most recent book, Class Act, which presents a series of conversations with some of the most prominent thinkers in education, and provides an examination of culture and academic change in six Australian schools. McKew will reflect on one of our most pressing national dilemmas: how do we replicate success across a fragmented system and reverse the decline in student performance?

This annual lecture commemorates the contribution to Australian intellectual life made by Stephen Murray-Smith, founding editor of Overland magazine. The lecture promotes research and debate in the broad areas of Stephen's interest and influence.

The event is also part of the Library's Big ideas under the dome lecture series that invites leading thinkers in the arts, culture, social justice, science and public policy to discuss, debate and reflect on the big ideas and issues of our time. The series was established to celebrate the centenary of the Library’s domed reading room that has been a symbol of inspiration, creativity and ideas since 1913.

Following the 30 minute lecture Walkley Award winning journalist, Jill Singer will interview Maxine McKew about the content of her presentation.   

Annual Stephen Murray-Smith Memorial Lecture: 
Maxine McKew 
Tuesday 9 September 2014, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
State Library of Victoria   FREE
Limited media passes available.