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Bold ideas and bright future posed in new live talk and podcast series

Media release

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Tuesday 20 October 2020

Bold ideas, radical thoughts and could-be solutions are set to be posed by Australia’s leading thinkers, creatives and innovators in a new online talk series and podcast presented by State Library Victoria, launching Thursday 29 October. 

Hosted by award-winning journalist and filmmaker, Santilla Chingaipe, The future of … will explore a different theme each fortnight, looking at how game-changing ideas can fix the cracks in our systems to improve the way we live.

Chingaipe said, in contrast to the challenges of 2020, the series will bring a renewed sense of hope for the years to come.

“Experiencing a global pandemic has forced us to change how we live and to contemplate the future, often with a sense of hopelessness. 

“But, while 2020 has been devastating for many, it’s also been a year of resilience, inspiring stories and a renewed community spirit. 

“In this series, we’re choosing hope and the power of community to shape a promising future, beyond COVID-19.

“Expect conversations that are engaging, thought-provoking, challenging and inspiring,” she said. 

In the first episode – The future of citizenship – Chingaipe welcomes Sydney’s Deputy Lord Mayor and author of Glimpses of Utopia: Real ideas for a fairer world, Jess Scully. 

In her recently published book, Scully says, “It’s hard to be excited about the future right now … we need to upgrade the operating systems of our society.

“All over the world, people are refusing the business-as-usual mindset and putting humans back into the civic equation, reimagining work and care, finance and government, urban planning and communications, to make them better and fairer for all.”

A diverse mix of guests will join Chingaipe throughout the series examining topics from how we might dine, drink coffee and travel tomorrow, to the way we could build our homes, produce our food or create our art in the decades to come. 

Episodes will be live-streamed every second Thursday 1.00–1.30pm and released on podcast apps every Saturday, wherever you get your podcasts.

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