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Balancing 'open justice' in the age of social media

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Media release

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Monday 21 October 2013

Chief Justice Marilyn Warren will address the challenging issue of open justice in the technological age when she delivers the 14th annual Redmond Barry Lecture at the State Library of Victoria tonight.

In the wake of high profile cases where closed sessions have been deemed necessary, the issue of openness and transparency in the courts is paramount for the public and the practice of journalism.

Chief Justice Warren will discuss how the traditional relationship between the courts and the media has changed in recent times, and how the trend towards direct court engagement with the community is helping to ensure accountable and open justice in the digital world. 

The Hon Marilyn Warren was appointed Chief Justice of Victoria in 2003. She is the first female Chief Justice of any Australian court. Over the past decade she has adopted a number of innovative approaches to promoting openness and accessibility in the Victorian justice system, including the development of a Supreme Court communications strategy and reform of the court’s civic engagement.

CEO and State Librarian Sue Roberts is delighted to have the Chief Justice deliver this year’s Redmond Barry Lecture and believes the library is an excellent forum for this subject.

'Over the past decade the proliferation of technology has profoundly changed how we communicate, presenting opportunities and challenges in equal measure. The fundamental principle of a library though remains unchanged – we are places for universal access to information. We serve as an impartial host to conversations and debates critical to social, cultural and intellectual life in Victoria and this annual lecture is one way we deliver on this principle.'

The annual Redmond Barry Lecture honours the life and work of Sir Redmond Barry (1813–80), founder of the State Library and a key figure in the development of Australia's cultural and intellectual life.

Event Details:
2013 Redmond Barry Lecture
Social justice in the technological age
Monday 21 October, 2013, 6:30-7:30pm
Free event, bookings required 03 8664 7099