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2019 recipient: Judith Martinez

Credit: Andrew Lloyd

Exhibition and artist's book: Australis grandiflora

Australis grandiflora is the speculative historical narrative of fictional botanist Eleanor Nightingale, and her quest to discover a mythical bloom – the 'Australis grandiflora'.

Judith's project will be a visual narrative outlining the life and work of Nightingale, and will be presented both as an exhibition and an artist's book. The outcome of the work developed will be the fictional documentation created by Nightingale during her research.

Nightingale will be a composite of the female botanists and illustrators whose work was used, but often uncredited, to document Australian flora and fauna during the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries – such as Harriet and Helena Scott, Fanny De Mole, Sarah Stone and Elizabeth Gould. The project will pay tribute to the work and lives of these illustrious women.

Judith Martinez is an artist, illustrator and designer who is finalising a Master of Philosophy at UNSW Art & Design. Her fields of research include memory and archive studies, and her work has been exhibited in Australia and Spain.

Judith has worked as a graphic designer since 1997, and as operated her own design studio for the last 15 years. A collector, her work uses carefully curated images and objects that are repurposed through photography, digital montage and collage to create stories by layering old and new.