Known issues

If you are experiencing any technical problems, please check that your issue is not on the following list. If you are encountering a different issue from those listed below, please let us know by submitting an online service problem.

Sign in – family names containing punctuation

If your name contains an apostrophe, space or hyphen and you find you can't sign in, try leaving out the apostrophe, space or hyphen. If that doesn't work, please contact us.

Search results – availability status

The availability of your search item will not display if JavaScript is turned off.

Search results – browser caching

To navigate between different pages of search results, use the 'next' and 'previous' links on your search results page, or the 'back to results list' link on your search item page. Refresh your browser to ensure you are viewing up-to-date information. Using the 'back' button on your browser can cause incorrect locations or availability to display.

Printing – items with thumbnail images

Click on the Details tab and from the 'Send to' menu, choose 'Print'. This will print the item's full details with the thumbnail included.

Email – links to catalogue records

When you email a record to yourself or someone else, the author and subject links in the emails may not go to the Library catalogue records (depending on your email client). To go to the catalogue record, click on the item's title instead.

Email – no thumbnail image on detailed record view

When you email a record to yourself or someone else, the email will contain the full details about the item, but not the thumbnail image. The 'Link to online item' contains the direct link to the full image view.

My account – Requests & checked out items

Sometimes the full list of your requests or checked out items does not display. Click on the Title heading or refresh your browser to ensure you are viewing the complete list.

Requests 'for today’ & 'for another day’

Online requests fail if JavaScript is turned off. Contact us if you need assistance requesting items.

Locations tab fails to load

The Locations tab fails to load for some serial and newspaper records of which we have large holdings (for example, The Age). Try refreshing the page, or contact us for assistance.

Articles search – 'order a copy' option unavailable

The Library's 'order a copy' option is not offered in the Details tab of article searches. If a full-text version is not available online, contact us for assistance to locate a copy.

Viewing items with multiple sections on iPads

If you are using an iPad to view digitised items that have more than one chapter or section, only the first page of each chapter will display. You can view the other pages by accessing the item on a different kind of device.