Finding articles

By choosing 'Articles' from the drop-down list next to the Search box, you can search a huge range of articles from ejournals and read them online. Type your search terms and you'll find articles from thousands of scholarly full-text journals, ebooks, conference proceedings, reviews, newspaper articles and more.

Accessing articles in the Library & from home

Some articles come from sources that are freely available on the web. You don't need to sign in to read these, whether you're inside the Library or at home.

Most articles come from databases of electronic journals that the Library pays to subscribe to. If you're at the Library, you don't need to sign in to read the full text of these articles. If you're at home, you can only access them if you are a registered State Library user living in Victoria. Just sign in at the top right of the catalogue using your Library card number and family name.

The first time you sign in you will see a 'lightbox' giving you the option to personalise your results. You can choose a degree and/or disciplines to assist in bringing more relevant articles to the top of your results. You can edit all these preferences at any time in 'My account'.

To access an article, click on the 'View online' link. A new window or tab will open with links to the different site or sites that host the article. Options for earlier/later versions of the journal (if it has changed its name, for example) may also display. Choose one of the links to open your article. You'll be prompted to sign in again and agree to the conditions of access.

Usually the links will take you directly to the article. Sometimes the link will go to the home page of the journal or the table of contents for an issue. In these cases, you'll need to find the specific article within that journal.

More ways to find articles

Some of the Library's eresources aren’t included in the Articles search. To search for more articles and ebooks, have a look at the full range of eresources we offer. You can also use the databases A–Z list to explore the Library's subscription databases and create your own custom set to search.

We also have a large collection of journals that are only available in print format. You can search for these titles in the catalogue, but you won't be able to search for the articles within the journals without physically browsing through copies.