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Using 'My favourites' and 'My account'

You can use the 'My favourites' and 'My account' functions in the catalogue to:

  • create your own personal workspace
  • keep track of particular books or other items
  • save your frequent or common searches 
  • keep a record of your current requests.

To get the most out of the catalogue, use your Library membership details to sign in. Any changes you make will be saved and kept for the next time you log in.

You may also use the workspace as a guest (that is, without signing in) but your information will only be saved for your current session.

'My saved items'

In 'My saved items' you can:

  • organise your selected items by adding labels
  • remove items by unpinning them
  • print the details of your items
  • email the details of your items to yourself or someone else
  • copy the item's persistent link or copy one of a range of citation styles
  • save your items to your EndNote Web, RefWorks, Mendeley or EasyBib account or export as a RIS file
  • view items you've selected from your search results. You can select an item by checking the pin to the right of the title in your search results. 

Please note: you can print, email and share catalogue records without signing in, but 'My saved items' gives you more advanced options.

'My account'

In 'My account' you can:

  • see a list of your 'filled requests' – items you have requested from storage
  • see a list of your 'pending requests' – items you have requested but that haven't yet been delivered 
  • see your contact details, check your registration category and find out when your Library membership is due to expire
  • read messages from the Library in 'Blocks & messages'. These messages may convey useful information such as when you have requested too many items at the same time, or that your Library membership has expired. 
  • Please note, you cannot update your details through My Account. Use our Membership inquiry form instead.

For details on the features of 'My saved searches' and 'Search history', see Saving searches & alerts.