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Known issues

If you are experiencing any technical problems, please check that your issue is not on the following list. If you are encountering a different issue from those listed below, please let us know by submitting an online service problem.

Browser compatibility – Internet Explorer

To have the best experience, we recommend that you use a browser other than Internet Explorer. We recommend recent versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge for desktop computers.

Browser compatibility – enable JavaScript

JavaScript must be enabled if you are using the Chrome browser. You may also experience issues using other browsers if JavaScript is not enabled.

Sign in – cookies

Cookies must be enabled in your browser. If you can’t sign in to your account, please check that cookies are turned on.

Sign in – family names containing punctuation

If your name contains an apostrophe, space or hyphen and you find you can't sign in, try leaving out the apostrophe, space or hyphen. If that doesn't work, please contact us.

Ordering items

When requesting more than one volume of a magazine or journal, refresh your browser if you cannot see that the volume you require has been ordered. Alternatively, check your pending requests in ‘My account’. Contact us if you need assistance requesting items.

Ordering newspaper microfilms from storage

When requesting some non-Victorian newspaper microfilms from storage, the request options for today or another day can take up to two minutes to appear after you have signed in. There is no error message or indication on the screen that the request options are working apart from the word 'norequests'. Titles affected include the West Australian and Sydney Morning Herald. Contact us if you need assistance requesting microfilms from onsite storage.

Viewing items with multiple sections on iPads

If you are using an iPad to view digitised items that have more than one chapter or section, only the first page of each chapter will display. You can view the other pages by accessing the item on a different kind of device.

Emailing records – default email address

Please note that you cannot change your default email address in the catalogue. Contact us if you would like us to do this for you.

Printing & emailing records – items with thumbnail images

Please note that when you email or print a record, the record will contain the full details of the item but not the thumbnail image. The 'Link to online item' contains the direct link to the full image view.

Persistent links not displaying

Occasionally, when viewing a record in the catalogue, clicking on the Persistent link option from the 'Save as' group of functions displays an empty box, and the link can’t be copied to the clipboard. To correct this, reload the current page in your browser by pressing the F5 key and then click the Persistent link option again.


The ‘copy the citation to clipboard’ function is not saving italics formatting. Remember to double-check your citations before including them in your work.

Favourites & labels

Catalogue records saved to your account in previous versions of our catalogue now appear under ‘My favourites’. If the records were sorted into folders previously, a label will be applied based on the folder name.

Saved searches

Searches saved in previous versions of our catalogue do not appear in ‘My saved searches’. You should set up new saved searches by checking any saved search emails you have kept.

Sharing comments

To add comments to collection item records, click on the ‘Share a comment about this item' link in the ‘Other links’ section of the full view page. Your comment or information will be added to the bottom of the ‘Details’ section within seven business days. If you wish to edit any of your older or new comments, please contact us

Articles search – 'order a copy' option unavailable

The Library's 'Order a copy' option is not offered for the results of article searches. If a full-text version is not available online, contact us for assistance to locate a copy.