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GJ Coles & Co

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About GJ Coles & Co

Sir George James Coles (1885–1977) was the name behind Australia’s largest chain store group. From humble beginnings in Collingwood, Coles stores mushroomed all over inner Melbourne, across Victoria and interstate. By 1940, the number of national stores had risen to just under 100.

Contemporary reports provide a snapshot of the firm’s early history, highlighting different aspects of Coles’ story from shoplifters to price-cutting. Newspapers also report on the opening of the flagship Bourke Street store and the 1931 robbery that went horribly wrong and led to the shooting of a police escort.

  • Browse records from the Coles Myer archive for corporate and social insights into the history of the firm.

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Colesanco, Melbourne, GJ Coles & Co Ltd, 1955

GJ Coles & Co

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