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Violet Murrell

Join this Vicfix campaign to raise the profile of equestrienne Violet Murrell and her special horse Garryowen

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About Violet Murrell

Violet Murrell, née Farmer (1904–34), was one of Australia's finest horsewomen, winning hundreds of prizes on her handsome bay gelding Garryowen. Violet campaigned for women to be allowed to compete against professional male jockeys in 'group one' races, a prohibition not reversed until the late 1970s.

Historic newspaper reports reveal the tragedy of the night in April 1934 when Violet died trying to rescue Garryowen from a burning stable. The fire also took the lives of Violet's husband William, Garryowen, a two-year-old racing filly called Piquant and a Queensland heeler named Billy. Violet is remembered in the Garryowen trophy for the best equestrienne, awarded annually at the Royal Melbourne Show since 1934.

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Equine friendship, Royal Show, Melbourne, photographed by Victorian Railways, September 1947

Violet Murrell

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