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Vaudeville at the National Amphitheatre, 1912–13

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About Vaudeville at the National Amphitheatre, 1912–13

Currently the subject of a controversial redevelopment program, Melbourne's 20 Bourke Street has been a performance venue since 1860. From the original Douglas Theatre to the spinning mirror-ball days of the Metro and Palace nightclubs, the city-centre location has presented a succession of varied diversions.

Read rave reviews from the height of the vaudeville years, 1912–13, when the site hosted the National Amphitheatre's programme of acrobats, jugglers, hypnotists and balancing acts. Keep an eye out for Prince Charles, 'the wonderfully human monkey', entertaining the crowd with his feats of cycling, skating, dining and smoking!

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Vaudeville at the National Amphitheatre, 1912–13

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