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State Nursery

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About the State Nursery

In 1872 the Government established a 100-acre State Nursery at Mount Macedon to reforest the mountain, which had been stripped by timber logging. The Nursery also distributed seedlings at no cost to public institutions like schools, benevolent institutions, hospitals and reserves around Victoria; and provided timber and shelter trees for settlers, miners and farmers.

Newspaper articles from the late 19th and early 20th century describe the wide variety of plants that flourished at the State Nursery in spite of its poor topsoil and craggy terrain. Cool-climate trees like cypress, larch, cedar and pine thrived at the high altitude; deciduous species of oak, ash and birch grew well, as did native eucalypts and casuarinas. Perhaps as a consequence of its success, Macedon Nursery periodically received complaints of unfair competition from the nursery industry until it closed in 1995.

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The entrance, State Nurseries, Macedon, postcard c 1920–1954

State Nursery

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