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Snow in Melbourne

Join this Vicfix campaign to complete reports of snowfalls that brought a touch of the 'old country' to Melbourne

Vicfix is improving the searchability of digitised newspaper articles and making the hidden details of Victoria's rich history available for everyone.

About snowfalls in Melbourne

Over the decades, newspapers have used extraordinarily poetic language to capture the magic of snow falling in Melbourne: 'the minute particles of snow continued to fall just like fragile pieces of white confetti'. The earliest report dates back to July 1840, with memorable snowfalls occurring in July 1882, August 1899 and September 1905.

Even brief flurries that failed to reach the ground were reported, along with descriptions of intense snowball fights made possible by heavier falls. Importantly, snow was a reminder of many Victorians' northern hemisphere roots, as 'the hearts of those whose early years were passed in the old country warmed at the sight of that which so unexpectedly brought memories of this past to them'.

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Snow in Melbourne

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