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Puffing Billy

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About Puffing Billy

The 1880s were pure heaven for railway enthusiasts, with a flurry of new train lines opening across Victoria. The 1890s depression halted the railway expansion, however, and calls for a line linking the Dandenongs villages of Ferntree Gully and Gembrook went unheard. At last a cheaper narrow-gauge line was opened in 1900, and passengers and farmers living in the hilly outer east were finally connected to Melbourne by rail.

Newspapers reported on the lobbying that went on to establish the line, followed in the 1930s by discussions about the line's closure when it failed to turn a profit. The train service limped on until the 1950s, when 30,000 people showed up to say farewell to the narrow-gauge line. Today the descendant of that original train service is Puffing Billy, the popular, volunteer-run heritage steam tourist line that runs from Belgrave to Gembrook.

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Puffing Billy

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