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The Parliament Place tragedy

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About the Parliament Place tragedy

On the night of 14 August 1890, Edith Jane Forrester Jubb was found dead in mysterious and violent circumstances at the lodging house that she ran in Parliament Place, East Melbourne. The sole witness was her lover, Alfred Turner. 

Mr Turner was charged with her murder. During the trial, several witnesses gave account of Turner's dangerous temper and recurrent ill-treatment of Mrs Jubb, while the defence painted the latter as a dissolute character who 'was regardless of all those true ties which ought to bind a woman to her home and family'. Turner was acquitted and discharged. Newspapers of the time did not shy away from lurid accounts of the crime scene, speculation about Mrs Jubb's character, and details of the inquest and trial.

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Parliament Place East, Tasma Terrace, KJ Halla, photographic print, 1967, gift of Mr KJ Halla, 1974

Parliament Place tragedy

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