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The National Herbarium of Victoria

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About the National Herbarium of Victoria

The National Herbarium was founded in 1857 to house botanical specimens collected by the first Government botanist, Dr Ferdinand von Mueller. In 1925 the herbarium moved to a larger building in the grounds of the Royal Botanic Gardens. Among its one-and-a-half million sheets of dried and pressed plants were historical specimens collected by disciples of Linnaeus, the 'father' of botanical classification, and 12,000 books, including first editions dating back to the very beginnings of scientific botany.

Historic newspapers reported on the outstanding work of the herbarium and its directors, published progress reports on construction of the new building, and identified plant, flower and weed specimens submitted by readers to the herbarium's expert horticulturalists.

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National Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Ruth Hollick, c 1910–1930, glass lantern slide, State Library Victoria
Credit: Gift of Mrs Lucy Crosbie Morrison, 1993

National Herbarium of Victoria

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