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Melbourne cable trams

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About Melbourne cable trams

Cable trams replaced horse-drawn carriages on routes from Melbourne's CBD to neighbouring suburbs in 1885. It was a momentous development and Melburnians marvelled, 'No horse, no engine, no nothing - and the car runs up hill!'. From 1924 the lines were progressively electrified and the last cable tram (Northcote to Bourke Street) ran on 26 October 1940. At the peak of its operations the Melbourne cable tram system had been almost as large as the famed trolley bus networks of San Francisco and Chicago. 

Historic newspapers reveal the awe that greeted the first cable trams and the nostalgia that accompanied their demise; report on breakdowns, accidents and unfortunate fatalities; and publish details on the feat of constructing the tracks and cable winding houses for Melbourne's new public transport system. 

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Cable trams for Brunswick and Melbourne, Charles Smallwood, photograph taken not before 1942. Gift of Mr Vic Solomons, 2014.

Melbourne cable trams

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