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MacRobertson's chocolates

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About MacRobertson's chocolates

Founded in 1880, MacRobertson's chocolates made Ballarat man Macpherson Robertson a self-made millionaire. His empire of confectionery was unparallelled in the southern hemisphere: in the 1920s MacRobertson's employed 2500 staff to produce 700 lines of chocolates and lollies in 15 purpose-built factories, spread over eight blocks in Fitzroy. 

Historic newspapers offer a delightful perspective on MacRobertson's, such as a surprise raid on the factory by a fox in 1914 (its tastes ran to chocolates and milk kisses) and details of an assortment of 'well matured' chocolates presented to Queen Elizbeth II during her 1954 visit. Details about its manufacturing processes, eye-catching window displays, quarterly earnings and public listing in 1950 are also published.

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MacRobertson's chocolates

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