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The Jazz Age

Join this Vicfix campaign to chart the popularity of hot dance music in the 1920s

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About the Jazz Age

Prior to WWI, Australians had been entertained by ragtime imported from the US. In the 1920s a succession of American jazz orchestras toured the country, and the syncopated rhythms of jazz went viral. No church fete or coming-out ball was complete without the inclusion of a jazz band and the latest jazz-inspired dances.

Contemporary newspapers reveal a sense of outrage at the abandonment jazz encouraged, while also informing readers of the latest jazz-influenced fashions, novelties and even lampshades. Prophesies of the musical form's demise were common, in the name of good taste, but jazz endured to become the global soundtrack of the Roaring Twenties.

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The daily jazz, Algernon Darge, 1920–26

The Jazz Age

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