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About Melbourne illuminations

During the 19th century, Melbourne paid tribute to significant Royal events by illuminating the nighttime city. Spectacular gas- and electric-powered illuminations, transparencies and fireworks were installed on public buildings and city streets, presenting magnificent spectacles that drew onlookers from Collingwood to St Kilda.

For Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee in 1887, an estimated 350,000 pepole filled Bourke and Collins streets to marvel at the illuminations; the rain didn't keep them away, although the high wind blew out most of the gas work. The 1863 marriage of the Prince of Wales, King Edward's 1902 coronation and the Prince's visit to Victoria in 1920 were all occasions for civic illuminations of such brilliance that they 'transformed a city of comparative darkness into a fairyland of every shade and degree of light'.

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