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Handbag thieves

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About handbag thieves

Handbag thieves struck across suburban Melbourne in the early years of the 20th century, then again between the wars. On dark streets from Coburg to Kew and in crowded city department stores, unescorted women were prey to opportunistic handbag snatchers. Thefts in city stores were so prevalent in 1940 that police issued a warning to shoppers. 

Historic newspaper articles detailed the thieves' modus operandi, invariably including a getaway vehicle; described the contents of the stolen bags – often paltry, but occasionally yielding a diamond ring, an antique brooch or a winning race ticket; and reported on police plans to form a 'flying squad of motor and cycle patrols' to run handbag thieves to ground.

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Isabella McWilliams, criminally assaulted by David Gorey, print by Richard Egan Lee, 28 April 1877

Handbag thieves

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