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Halley's Comet

Join this Vicfix campaign to relive the comet's fiery appearance in 1910

Vicfix is improving the searchability of digitised newspaper articles and making the hidden details of Victoria's rich history available for everyone.

About the 1910 sightings of Halley's Comet

The 1910 appearance of Halley's Comet was the first time this 75-year phenomenon was photographed, and was also remarkable for its close proximity to the planet. Excited observers described 'a very bright light like that from a large bushfire [that] stretched across the sky … showing colours more brilliant than a rainbow'.

Historic newspaper articles report the public's increasing excitement as sightings increased, along with fears that the comet's appearance was a harbinger of doom. If you missed Halley's Comet's most recent display, in 1986, you'll have to wait until July 2061 for its return.

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Halley's Comet

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