Frederick Romberg

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About Frederick Romberg

Frederick Romberg (1913–92) arrived in Melbourne from Europe in 1938 and soon found work with leading architects Stephenson & Turner. Way ahead of his time, he cast doubt on the future of the Australian dream of a home on a quarter-acre block and favoured European-style apartment life.

Mid-century reports trace Romberg's success as a solo practitioner from 1941, and his signature works such as the Stanhill, Newburn and Hilstan flats, which were photographed by fellow German modernist Wolfgang Sievers. They also reveal Romberg's work for the Public Works Department and Olympic Games, mapping his career from the 1940s through to 'Gromberg' in the 1950s, his 'supergroup' alliance with Robin Boyd and Roy Grounds.

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Facade details, Stanhill flats, 34 Queens Road, Melbourne, Wolfgang Sievers, 1951

Frederick Romberg

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