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The crinoline

Join this Vicfix campaign to follow in the footsteps of fashion's early martyrs

Vicfix is improving the searchability of digitised newspaper articles and making the hidden details of Victoria's rich history available for everyone.

About the crinoline

Along with loon pants, foot-binding and corsets, the crinoline was one of fashion's most unforgivable follies. Reaching its apogee in the 1860s, the oversized garb placed its wearer at risk of accident, most notably by catching fire while warming oneself by the fireside but also by tripping or becoming entangled in machinery or equipment.

Historic newspaper reports, poems and editorials both mock and sermonise on the perils of the fashion described as 'inconvenient, ridiculous and highly dangerous'. Letters to the editor beg fashion's followers to emulate the examples of Queen Victoria, who eschewed such excess, and Empress Eugénie, who dismissed the popular fashion as unforgivably bourgeois. 

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The crinoline

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